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Dec. 12th, 2012

(no subject)

Francis Bacon.

Henri Matisse.

The Woman With the Hat. 1905. Oil on canvas, France.

Henri Matisse.

Le Bonheur de Vivre. 1905 – 1906. Oil on canvas, France.

Pablo Picasso.

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. 1907. Oil on canvas. Spain.

Pablo Picasso.

Glass and Bottle of Suze. 1912. Pasted paper, gouache, and charcoal, Spain.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Street, Berlin. 1913. Oil on canvas, 47 ½” x 35 7/8”.

Vassily Kandinsky.

Improvisation 28 (Second Version). 1912. Oil on canvas, Germany

Umberto Boccioni.

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. 1913. Bronze, Italy

Kazimir Malevich.

Suprematist Painting. 1915. Oil on canvas, Russia

Piet Mondrian.

Composition with Yellow, Red, and Blue, 1927. 1927. Netherlands

Walter Gropius.

Bauhaus Building. Dessau, Germany. 1925 – 1926. Germany

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Edgar Kaufmann House, Fallingwater. Mill Run, Pennsylvania. 1937. USA.

Marcel Duchamp.

Fountain. 1917. Porcelain plumbing fixture and enamel paint, France.

Marcel Duchamp.

L.H.O.O.Q. 1919. Pencil on reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa,


Salvador Dalí.

Birth of Liquid Desires. 1931 – 1932. Oil and collage on canvas. Spain.

Meret Oppenheim.

Luncheon in Fur. 1936. Fur-covered cup, saucer, and spoon. Germany

Frida Kahlo.

The Two Fridas. 1939. Oil on canvas, Mexico.

Jacob Lawrence.

The Migration of the Negro Series, Panel No. 1, 1940 – 1941. Tempera on masonite,


Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef. 1954. Oil on canvas. British.

Jackson Pollock.

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30). 1950. Oil on canvas. USA.

Willem de Kooning.

Woman I. 1950 – 1952. Oil on canvas. USA

Mark Rothko.

Lavender and Mulberry. 1959. Oil on paper mounted on fiberboard,

Jasper Johns.

Target with Plaster Casts. 1955. Encaustic and collage on canvas with objects, USA

Andy Warhol.

Marilyn Diptych. 1962. Oil, acrylic, and silkscreen on enamel on canvas, USA

Roy Lichtenstein.

Oh, Jeff… I love you, too…but…” 1964. Oil and magna on canvas, USA

Donald Judd.

Untitled. 1967. Lacquer on galvanized iron, USA

Joseph Kosuth.

One and Three Chairs. 1965. Wood folding chair, photograph of a chair, and

photographic enlargement of dictionary definition of chair.

Betye Saar.

The Liberation of Aunt Jemima. 1972. Mixed media.

Faith Finggold.

Tar Beach (Part I From the Woman on a Bridge Series). 1988. Acrylic on canvas,

bordered with printed, painted, quilted, and pieced cloth, USA.

Judy Chicago.

The Dinner Party. 1974 – 1979. USA

Barbara Kruger.

Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face). 1981. Photograph, red painted frame,


Robert Smithson.

Spiral Jetty. 1970. Mud, precipated salt crystals, rocks, and water, length, USA.

Damien Hirst.

Mother and Child Divided. 1993. British.

Jul. 1st, 2012

Missing Nin story team eight snippet

Here is another small portion of the Missingnin story, for some odd reason I can seem to write this one in chronological order...
oh well.
Beware Sasuke is a bit of a brat.

give them hell KurenaiCollapse )

Off Track Chapter 2!!!!

Here is chapter 2 finally!
Not as fast paced as I originally thought it would be, so a lot of the content is going to bleed over to chapter 3.  In any case I think I am happy with this and I can only hope readers will like it as well.
ack though this story is taking itself more seriously then I intended!
Oh i hit chapter 35 in CED which me and healersayian are reading.  I squicked so hard, ya'll don't even know.  I have physical pain at potty humor I didn't even like it when I was five and it hasn't grown on me.  It was just sooooo squick.  On another note I am so tired of the writing style.  My isn't great I know, but everyone just gushes about how well and origional PL writes his stories, but he just beats concepts to fricken death by rexplaining them over again.  Its almost condecending and very time consuming.  If he wasn't as repetitive I bet he could get his fic down to 30 chapters easy.  And I'm not talking about the repeats people, if it takes you 10 paragraphs to describe how good Naruto is at embroidery you have a problem.

watch out for the girly girlsCollapse )

Jun. 27th, 2012

Start of Sasuke Uchiha Missing Nin

This is the opening convos of the Life of Uchiha Sasuke, Missing Nin

i really love how fatalistic I made the uchihas

Give us your second born!Collapse )

Naruto AU idea

Had this for a while, thought i might as well post a quick snippet.  This is, behind the bully story, the most awkward fic I've thought of. Quite simply it's itachi and Sasuke being forced to come to terms with each other, and trust me every second is painful.  Rest assured however yaoi is not between Itachi and Sasuke, only a little between Naruto and Sasuke, but not untill much later and its not really important with the plot at all.

In which Sasuke is a paranoid little bastardCollapse )

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Jun. 19th, 2012

TGSM snippet

As said perviously mentioned here is a snippet of the revised the great seduction mission.
I'm very hopeful.

All hail rambling Naruto!Collapse )

Off Track draft

Here is the first draft for the first chapter of off track.  I think that there will be a few changes maybe more description in the naruhina part.  I don't know ,I'm not struggling with the begining so much as having issues with how much background needs to be layed before I can get into the action and meat of the story.  Which is the one of the cons with AU especially with such an established fandam as Naruto.  Either you leave the characters alone and have boring as hell characterzations or you spend an ungodly amount of time back track and building new one.

ah well on to the story.

Start us off Evil'tachiCollapse )


So good news is that I'm finally writing bad news is that it’s not anything that I have mentioned in my last two posts.  Don’t fear however it’s not a brand new story.  Introducing Off Track!

Title: Off Track

Genre: dark comedy, crime, suspense, adventure, light action, au

Parings??? Team Seven?

A bank robbery in Boston goes south fast causing three strangers lives to intertwine against their will.  Unable to turn back Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura must beat the Marshalls and the clock as they are closed in by all sides.  Granted they don't kill each other first on this classic road trip from hell.

Yeah so I'm probably not going to post it to ff.net until I hit an impressive word count maybe 30,000?  That might be a little high, but hey I can dream right?

So far :D:D:D

Apr. 2nd, 2012

The Great Seduction Mission


HereCollapse )

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(no subject)

For the simple sake of getting organized I decided to list all of my ongoing projects and rewrites (seduction mission here’s looking at you).  Since this account is mainly just dealing with my fan fiction and not original projects I don't really mind spamming the hell out of it with posts that only list part of the stories or nothing at all.

Here We Go :DCollapse )HereCollapse )